Biology at Cambridge

All science at Cambridge is taught as part of the Natural Sciences Tripos (Tripos just means course). Natural Sciences (NST) offers a wide range of physical and biological science subjects from 16 departments in a unique and demanding course. In the first year you study a broad range of subjects, and you eventually specialise in your third year. This means you can try out different scientific subjects at university level, until you eventually find the one you are best at.

In the first year there are three Biological subjects; Biology of Cells, Physiology of Organisms and Evolution and Behaviour. You can also take non-biological options such as Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics and Materials Science. You also study a maths course in the first year, which will introduce you to topics such as biological modelling, population dynamics and statistics.

For more information on being a student at Cambridge, take a look at the Be Cambridge website – there’s lots of useful information on there, including blogs and profiles of current students.

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