About the Project

The Cambridge Colleges BioScience Experience has a number of aims. We hope to:

  • Increase the number of students interested in the Biological Sciences taking Facilitating Subject combinations at A level, meaning participants will be more likely to be considered when applying to Cambridge and other Russell Group universities
  • Raise the profile of Biosciences and Plant Sciences as degree subject choices.
  • Change perceptions of Cambridge University, with a view to increasing applications

Students from schools across the country have participated in the BioSciences Experience, as shown on the map below:

Participants are asked to fill in questionnaires before and after the event in order to determine the success in achieving these aims. We will also keep in touch with participants to follow their progress through their A-levels and beyond.

The project is generously funded by the University of Cambridge Widening Participation Project Fund (WPPF) to support access work, and aims to interact with over 500 students over the 2 years of funding. The project will report to the WPPF trustees.

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